The Most Common

In order to ensure a relaxing and pleasant experience at ZenMeIN Spa, we've answered some of the questions guests of our spa frequently ask. Reviewing these suggestions will help you prepare for your upcoming Spa visit.

The beauty experts are certified beauty professionals that have their specific roles. A beauty expert can have more than one role or specification. They sign up on our platform, and we verify them.
The beauty experts are verified before being allowed on the platform. They go through a thorough screening process and background check to be sure they are fit for the job. Once they have been screened, they still get ratings after jobs; ratings and verification help determine if the beauty technician is the perfect fit for you!
The service cost varies; it depends on the service you are looking for and the payment rates of the technician you booked.
When booking your service, you would provide your address and contact information. They will contact you if they have issues getting to you.
We offer all types of beauty care services: massage, makeup, nails, hair, spray tans, med spa and so much more!
You can book a beauty technician at any time, based on their availability.
You can make payment through our website at the time of booking your services. Payments will be confirmed on the day of the appointment, if any changes to the payment ( i.e. extra services are requested, a service was not completed) the technician will discuss with you and add to your invoice summary, in which you have to sign off on the day of the appointment.
Services are charged per service and times spent on service. Each service provider has the option to add their services and details on what that service includes. Please make sure to discuss the terms thoroughly with you provider before your appointment. The client can find a beauty technician that has a payment scheme that suits them.
You would get the best beauty professional by browsing for one or putting your beauty needs out there, and available beauty technicians would hit you up. Clients have the ability to rate their service provider and add reviews, when browsing you will have the option to look through and see the best provider that suits your needs!
Yes, they have specific roles, some have more than one role, but it's best to book a group of people if you want more than one service done.
Our head office is located in Jacksonville, FL, but we are available throughout the United States.
You have access to their details once you have booked them. You can choose the method of contact that suits you both for effective communication.
As a beauty technician, you need to complete your signup and get verified. You can then search for clients or accept clients' requests and get booked.
You put in the type of service you need and wait for beauty technicians to contact you or search using the kind of service you want and link the technicians that suit you and book one available.
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